In the images of Naser Kianersi something else is going on. The images presented in this book have nothing to do with fashion, they have nothing to sell, no clear message to convey. They seem to bask in their own shallowness. At least, until we start noticing the ‘flaws’ in the construction of the pictures. Let’s take for instance the image with a woman’s head popping out of a verdant green fabric, a golf ball and club placed right in front of it. An image full of sexual innuendo, so it seems at first sight, but this reading falls flat because of the clumsy hanging of the shoddy cloth. Suddenly, the whole staging collapses and with it whatever fantasy we projected on the image. The joke is (apparently) on us. In the end, these images play with the contradiction between the allure of the female body and the rather messy banality of the décor in which they are placed. 

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