The Iranian photographer Naser Kianersi (1985) has been working as a photographer since 2009. Due to the nature of his photos, he had to say goodbye to his native country for good in 2012 as a political refugee. Between 2014 and 2016, Naser completed an additional photography course at the Sint Lukas (Luca) college in Brussels. He is now working on autonomous projects.

After his flight to Belgium, he translated his personal emotional experiences into a specific metaphorical visual language. He uses codes of contemporary fashion photography to explore the contradiction between what we see and inner struggle and loneliness. He views photography as directing theater and uses it to project his personal ideas, emotions and thoughts onto the character. The final character in his photographs is nobody specific.

In Naser’s photographs we are confronted with genderless bodies, bodies that have left behind their natural sexual sensations. They stand as inanimate objects, as empty shells, unaware of their place in space. In this way it seems as if they have been deliberately shaped.

His photographs serve as expressive and critical representations of the plight of women in Iran. They can also be seen as self-portraits that refer to the censorship of the artist’s identity in his native country.

The enlarged polaroid photo on dibond (70cmx85cm) is for sale together with the original polaroid. In this way, Naser ensures that the photo remains unique.

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